Honesty and transparency are core values in Danish Refugee Councils work.

Transparency is one way among many for the organization to be accountable to its beneficiaries, donors and the broader public. Danish Refugee Council is committed fully to transparency in so far as it does not put at risk beneficiaries, staff or stakeholders, or expose individuals or partners. See also our mission, vision and value compass

Below you will find all of the Danish Refugee Councils annual reports, evaluations, strategic documents, financial overviews etc. grouped together by theme.

Transparency about Code of conduct complaints

Code of Conduct is a cornerstone for all work done in Danish Refugee Councils work around the world. Here you will find the Code of Conduct, a policy brief on sexual misconduct as well as the annual reports providing overview of substantiated cases. Furthermore, the webpage provides information about donor enquiries about safeguarding and other accountability measures and Danish Refugee Councils answers to these enquiries.

• Code of conduct
• Code of conduct annual reports 2016, 2017, 2018……
• Brief on Sexual misconduct

Financial overview of International Programs and Projects

In order to understand an organization, it is important to have some basic information about the organizations budgets. On this page it is possible to identify how much different donors have donated for different kinds programs in different countries.

• Link into the GMS database with overview of funding

Due Diligence

Due diligence is a cornerstone for DRCs work. DRC operates with a large toolbox to ensure that DRC delivers high standard programs and work is conducted with high ethics. Among some of these tools are DRCs Risk Management Framework identifying and mitigation potential risks. Also in the recruitment process there is a close focus on screening and interviewing all applicants in order to identifying the best possible staff to implement programs. All staff in country operations are bound by DRCs Code of Conduct. Furthermore, DRC has a Code of Conduct Reporting Mechanism where anyone can submit a complain. Donors frequently asks DRC about how the organization ensure due diligence within the organization and in the process of implementing programs. Below there are an overview of the most frequent questions and answers.

• Overview of answers to donors

Capacity Assessments, Audits and Evaluations

Each year several reports and evaluations are done addressing the Danish Refugee Councils work. The organization is part of The Core Humanitarian Standards where external consultants are hired to conduct audits to assess how well Danish Refugee Council meet the defined standards.
Furthermore, donors preform capacity assessments of Danish Refugee Councils work and the organization itself hire external consultants to evaluate programs and projects.

• Annual report
• CHS audit and response
• Program/project evaluations conducted by external consultants
• capacity assessments from donors
• External assessments and audits