Application process

Applying for a job at the Danish Refugee Council? Find advice regarding applications, the job interview and recruitment process here.

The application

We receive over 150,000 applications per year. Filling out an application that attracts attention and helps you stand out from your competition takes careful reflection on your skills and how they match the role you are applying for.

The first step is to complete the application form with your personal information.

Here are some points to consider when submitting an application:

  • Make sure you answer each question fully and properly. Ensure that you have presented clear evidence that you possess the qualities and skills required.
  • Think of the person reviewing your application. Cut sections into shorter paragraphs and develop the details of your answer. We recommend that your CV does not exceed 3-4 pages.
  • Set yourself apart from other candidates. Let your skills, personality and experience shine through.
  • Sometimes we get 15 or 20 applications for very different jobs from the same person. It makes us wonder if you really know what you want and what you are good at. Only apply for the job where the job description suits your competencies, and where you really think you are a great match.

After submitting your application

Shortly after submitting your job application, you will receive an automatic email with an application receipt. If the role is urgent we may review applications before the deadline.

We generally do our best to get back to all candidates no later than 8 weeks after the closing date. However, due to the high work load in some of the emergency contexts that we work in, we may not always be able to get back to you.

The Interview

Normally, you will hear from us shortly after the deadline if you are invited for a test or an interview. For certain positions, particularly in management roles, we may invite you to complete a personality assessment as well.
Due to the international context we operate in, most of our interviews are conducted through Skype.

The interview focuses on three main areas: Your motivation for working with us, how your profile and experience suits the criteria for the role and practical information about the role.

Here are some good points to consider during your interview:

  • Do your homework: Make sure you are familiar with the job and DRC as an organization. Study the job advert carefully and visit our career pages to learn more about us, our history, values, history, etc.
  • Listen: Make sure that you have understood the questions correctly. Don’t be shy - ask the interviewers to repeat the question if you are in doubt.
  • Be specific: Give concrete examples of how your previous experience is transferrable to the job in question.
  • Ask your own questions: The interview is as much about DRC getting to know you, as you getting to know DRC.
  • Make sure all is covered. If there is some crucial information that you believe the panel should be aware of, but that has not been covered, you can spend some time at the end of the interview explaining these.

After the interview

If we decide to continue with you as a candidate, we will ask for permission to contact you professional references. We contact a minimum of two references.

If you have not been successful, you will be contacted by someone in the panel. We aim to give everyone individual feedback after an interview, but please note that there may sometimes be delays in getting back to everyone.