Colloboration standards


Collaboration standards and management standards are there to ensure appropriate behaviour from the organisation’s employees, in order to create motivation, increase job satisfaction and productivity.

1. We are here to meet DRC’s mission

This means that

  • We comply with the values of the organisation
  • We behave responsibly and decently
  • We are committed and always put in our best effort
  • We collaborate on all levels to reach our objectives
  • We always inform each other about significant developments in our respective fields of work and responsibility

We appreciate personal ambitions, as long as they also serve our common cause

2. Our work must be characterised by quality, creativity and efficiency

This we can obtain when

  • We recognise that we often need each other and that we benefit from collaborating
  • We trust each other’s qualifications and professionalism
  • We include each other in work processes
  • We give priority to dialogue and exchange of information
  • We are open to new ideas and initiatives
  • We make sure to develop professionally
  • We offer each other constructive criticism and listen positively to criticism we ourselves receive
  • We keep agreements with internal as well as external collaborators

3. Job satisfaction and commitment are preconditions for good results

These can be promoted when

  • Acknowledgement and constructive critique is integrated in our way of collaborating
  • We praise each other
  • We trust one another’s good will and intentions
  • We always stand by our motives
  • We help each other
  • We include each other in work processes and take an interest in the work of the individual employee, as well as in our overall effort
  • We share the results of our work with each other
  • We show one another respect in our actions as well as by the tone we use among ourselves
  • We are tolerant of our differences
  • We make room for each other – including for personal development
  • We maintain a good physical working environment
  • We allow ourselves to take pride in working for DRC