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DRC employs around 9000 staff in over 40 countries. Our workforce consists of everything from engineers working with water & sanitation in refugee camps, lawyers advising displaced people on their legal rights, finance staff ensuring that we spend our money wisely - to guards guaranteeing the safety of our employees.

We asked over 4000 candidates and employees what made them apply for a job in DRC, and this is what they said:

Because of our professionalism, impact & expertise

We are one of the world’s largest independent NGOs advocating for and securing sustainable solutions for refugees and displaced and their affected surroundings globally. We have been ranked among the five best NGOs in the world for the last seven consecutive years by the independent organization NGO Advisor.

Because of our humanitarian approach & the work we do

DRC is one of very few organizations covering ‘the complete circle of displacement’ globally, assisting displaced persons in every aspect of their lives. We are there from the moment they flee, through support in refugee camps and host communities, to their return or beginning of a new permanent life elsewhere.

Because of our purpose, meaningfulness & own contribution

We have a vision of ensuring a dignified life for all displaced. Through collaboration and joint contribution by talented and diverse groups of employees, we assist refugees and displaced, protect their rights and empower them towards a better future.

Because of our culture, values & strong leadership

Our work is strongly guided by our values and supported by high work ethics. We believe in the impact of efficient leadership, which in DRC is built upon the concept of “freedom of action with responsibility”. Our focus on creating a positive work environment yields results - 96% of departing employees would recommend others to work for DRC. 

Because we offer fair compensation & continuous development

We offer terms and conditions that honor the hard work of our employees. Our compensation and benefits are competitive, but we also know that well-being, development and time for oneself, is equally important. We believe in continuous development, offering free access to 1000s of courses through the DRC Learning Catalogue.


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