Expatriate terms of employment

We take care of you, so that you can contribute to a dignified life for all displaced.

DRC employs over 8,000 highly competent and committed individuals globally. Our employees jointly contribute to our overall vision of a dignified life for all displaced, supporting a better future for some of the most vulnerable people in the world. We know that our employees are one of the main reasons why, year after year, we find ourselves ranked as one of the best international NGOs in the world.

But we cannot, and do not, take this for granted. That is why we do our very best to offer terms and conditions that honor the hard work of our employees - and not only in monetary value. We know that your well-being, development and time for yourself (and with those you care about), are equally important. Below are some of the elements we offer you as an expatriate in DRC.

Your well-being is an investment, not a cost

  • Health checkups before, during & post-deployment
  • Health, disability and life insurance 
  • Psychological support –including during and post-deployment 
  • 24/7 multi-lingual Employee Support Programme

We make sure you feel at home when away

  • Relocation allowance
  • Paid accommodation
  • Location-based allowances 
  • DRC assumes 100% tax & social security risk in country of deployment
  • Safety experts available 24/7 - both locally and in HQ

Make time for yourself & recharge

  • 25 days of holiday leave
  • 10 public holidays with room for flexible use
  • Annual home leave
  • Sick & compassionate leave
  • Rest & Recuperation for hardship locations, or rest days after long work travels (if no R&R)

We care about those that mean a lot to you

  • Parental leave for moms & dads, including for adoption 
  • Generous family packages for those who are eligible
  • Pension allowance so you can plan your financial future in the way that best meets your personal needs

When you know more, you do better

  • Free access to 1000s of online learning opportunities 
  • Certification courses from Cornell University
  • People Management Training and continuous Leadership Development
  • Focus on continuous career progression within the organization

We offer Freedom of action, with responsibility

  • We give leaders freedom to make decisions and take action, with responsibility 
  • We are a risk-taking organization; we thrive on learning and innovation from the field

Your performance counts and is rewarded

  • Competitive pay (benchmarked annually)
  • Pay increases based on performance & skills development
  • Special allowances available for DDG employees
  • Per diem when you travel for work

Expatriate salary scale

(starting point of base salary in DKK/month)

Band Manager Non-manager
C 55,000 -
D 47,800 -
E1 41,600 40,700
E2 39,500
F1 37,800 37,000
F2 32,200
G1 25,400 31,900
G2 27,200
H - 20,900