Again in 2018, DRC's international operations grew: “a declaration of trust in our work”

As the world last year experienced the highest number of refugees and displaced people since World War II, the work of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) was sought-after like ever before. This is reflected in the organisation's latest annual report where the revenue from international institutional donors grew compared to 2017.


Wars, conflicts and continued pressure on basic human rights across the world are just some of the reasons why DRC has seen an increased demand for its international assistance in 2018. According to the organisation's recently released annual report, its international activities today amount to more than DKK 2.6 billion (EUR 348 million / USD 388 million).  

"We see the increase as a declaration of trust and a recognition of the quality of our work", says Mads Egeskov Sørensen, acting Secretary General of DRC.

DRC was originally founded in 1956 as an organisation with the aim of helping refugees in Denmark. Throughout the years, it has expanded to include assistance to refugees across the globe including some of the world’s most volatile areas. The international operation now constitutes almost 85 percent of the origanisation’s total revenue, an increase from just under 80 percent in 2017.

Despite the steady growth in its international activities and a total turnover of EUR 415 million / USD 462 million, DRC saw a decrease of 0.3 per cent in revenue in 2018 compared to 2017 corresponding to EUR 6.2 million / USD 6.9 million. The decrease was primarily a consequence of a significantly lower number of refugees coming to Denmark over the past few years, as well as political decisions to carry out major cut-downs in the area of ​​integration nationally.

“We have had to adapt, and we have had to close offices and align ourselves with the new political reality in Denmark. But in the process, we have also found new opportunities and partnerships for the benefit of refugees and displaced people”, says Mads Egeskov Sørensen.

In 2018, DRC began the implementation of a comprehensive digital resource management system – the largest investment to date in the organisation’s history. The system merges financial management, procurement, project management and HR administration.

"The system is a strategic and responsible investment that prepares us for the future and will ensure far greater efficiency, quality and transparency in our work”, says Mads Egeskov Sørensen and continues:

"We are very aware of the great responsibility we have as Denmark's largest humanitarian organisation and one of the world's largest displacement organisations – a responsibility we take very seriously”.

Please, find the full report here.