Airport closure in Yemen costing thousands of lives

10,000 civilians have died as they have not been able to travel abroad for lifesaving treatment. That equals the number of people killed in violent attacks.


One year ago, the international airport in Yemen’s capital Sana’a was closed. Since then approximately 10,000 civilians have lost their lives as they haven’t been able to fly to other countries for medical treatment. Nearly the same number of civilians have been killed in the violent conflict during the same period of time. The closure of the airport means that people with life threatening conditions have had to seek other and often dangerous routes to medical treatment.

Therefore, Danish Refugee Council and other aid organisations have issued a joint statement calling for the immediate reopening of the airport. The lack of flight traffic to Sana’a is not only a problem for people who need to travel out, but also for the transport of much neede medicine and emergency supplies into the conflict ridden country. People in some areas are on the verge to famine, and a recent cholera outbreak adds to the seriousness of the humanitarian crisis.

“All channels of domestic and international movement should therefore be reopened immediately”, urges Danish Refugee Council in the joint statement.

Read the statement here