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Call to Action: Horn of Africa Drought Crisis

The Horn of Africa is experience a devastating drought, which has left more than 15 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia facing food and water shortages and in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) joined other 13 NGOs in re-issuing an urgent Call to Action on the ongoing drought situation with the latest alert from FEWS NET indicating that the possibility of a famine occurring in Somalia this year.


“The region is already in a crisis. Governments, donors and the international community must act quickly on the lessons learned in 2010-11 to protect the hard-won gains of recent years and prevent this crisis becoming a catastrophe,” notes part of the Call to Action.

In the Call to Action, DRC alongside other member agencies of the Inter-Agency Working Group on Disaster Preparedness for East and Central Africa (IAWG), have called on donors, the UN and affected governments to urgently deliver funding to enable humanitarian agencies to scale up the provision of life-saving assistance to the millions of people affected by the drought. The drought has ravaged crops and pasture across parts of Somalia, Somaliland, Ethiopia and Kenya necessitating an urgent provision of clean drinking water and food as well as support to pastoralist communities to enable them in the recovery of their assets and livelihoods.

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