In Bangladesh, DRC works hard to ensure shelter to thousands of Rohingya refugees. PHOTO: DRC

DRC among top-three of world’s best NGO’s

Once again the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is ranked third best NGO in the world on NGO Advisor’s recently published annual list. Thus, Denmark's largest humanitarian NGO retains its position from last year, and for six consecutive years the organization is among top five.


Every year for the past ten years, the Geneva-based media organisation, NGO Advisor, has ranked the world's best non-governmental organizations, NGO’s. Like last year, the development organization BRAC from Bangladesh takes first place, while the French Médecins Sans Frontières (also known as Doctors Without Borders) is number two. Coming in third, DRC remains in the absolute top among the world's organisations.

“We are very pleased and proud to be able to maintain the position at the top of the list of world-leading organisations. We have been told that, among other things, we are recognized for our innovative approach to developing our organization and thereby also how we can provide help to people in need, especially the world's too many displaced persons. And that is certainly necessary in the world we live in today”, says Christian Friis Bach, Secretary General of DRC.

With a turnover of over 400 million EURO and more than 8,000 employees in 40 countries across the world, who are all ready to help refugees with everything from life-saving assistance, protection and self-sustainability, DRC is not only Denmark's largest humanitarian organisation but also among the largest displacement organisations in the world. In addition, the organisation also has 8,000 volunteers in Denmark who help refugees feel welcome and gain a foothold in Danish society.

“The great ranking is not least due to the skilled and dedicated employees and volunteers. They work hard day and night to help men, women and children who have found themselves forced to leave their homes because of war and persecution. Without them DRC would not be able to be there for the millions of people we seek to assist and protect”, says Christian Friis Bach.

DRC has grown relatively much over the past decade. But as the number of refugees and displaced persons also continue to grow, the need for the Danish-founded organization has never been bigger.

“Right now, we see the highest number of refugees since the World War II, which points to why, unfortunately, an organization such as DRC is needed. We can still make a difference for these people if we manage to find solutions and think out of the box and collaborate in new ways. We strive to do just that, which is also what we are recognized for. We know that you can't just sit back and expect politicians and diplomats to solve the challenges we face globally. More actors must be included”, says Christian Friis Bach and continues:

“We must enter into partnerships so that we get the private companies, civil society and private funds involved. As recognized in the SDGs this cooperation is a crucial part of the solution. Together we can change the world”, says Christian Friis Bach.

Among the arguments leading to DRC’s third place is the organisation's transparency.

“That makes me especially proud, because it is crucial for an organisation like ours that we take the lead when it comes to the values ​​we advocate for in the world. On our website you can find information on the number and type of complaints we get, and how they are handled. We need to signal openness about issues that take place everywhere - also in the humanitarian sector”, says Christian Friis Bach.

Every year since 2009 NGO Advisor has named the world's best NGOs. A total of 500 organizations worldwide are ranked according to a number of criteria, such as impact, innovation, openness and whether the organizations themselves live up to its values. Since 2013, the Danish Refugee Council has been ranked among the world's five best.

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