A Syrian refugee woman receiving tailoring training in Azraq Camp, Jordan

DRC Livelihoods Learning Journey

As the Syrian crisis enters its eighth year, and given the current nature and scale of the Syrian displacement crisis – more than 5.4 million refugees living in the region and 6.1 million internally displaced people inside Syria – sustainable livelihoods is an essential pillar of all forms of durable solutions to displacement.


As livelihoods is a core programming priority for the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in the Middle East; with funding from DANIDA, DRC initiated a three-year learning process focused on DRC’s livelihood portfolio across five countries affected by the Syria crisis: Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey.

However, evidence on the impacts of livelihood support programmes in the humanitarian sector in general is relatively weak. There is even less evidence about how to best support the livelihoods of refugees and other people affected by displacement in the Middle East in particular, where these programmes only became common in the past few years.

As an international NGO, DRC wants to better understand the role it can play in order to have the greatest impact on improving the livelihoods of displacement-affected people in the Middle East, design the best possible interventions, and manage those programmes and scarce aid resources to the best effect.

The documents in the links below share some of the learning from the first year of the three-year learning process. They include a summary report; two thematic papers; and eight project reports. Additionally, a ’10-step guide – How to know if my project is working’ detailing the methodology is provided as one of the documents.

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Find the documents below (in PDF format)

Business Support

DRC Livelihood Journey Summary Report

Employment Support

Iraq MSME Support

Iraq Vocational Training and Internships

Jordan Job Matching Services

Lebanon Internships

Lebanon SME Support

Syria Deraa sewing productive workshop

Syria Homs Complex- Business Incubator

Turkey Productive Asset Support

A how-to guide for finding out