An IDP camp after everything was burnt down

New outbreak of violence in Batangafo, Central African Republic, causes new wave of mass displacements

The recent clashes in Northern Central African Republic (CAR) have left thousands without shelter, food and water.


Since October 31st, fighting between armed groups in Batangafo, in the Northern part of Central African Republic, has led to displacement of nearly 25,000 people and affected 37,000 persons. Most of the affected populations are families who were already displaced and living in straw huts in settlements in the city center of Batangafo. All of these were burnt to the ground.

Around 12,000 people sought refuge at the town hospital supported by another INGO and others have gone to the outskirts of Batangafo to hide in the bush. As a result, thousands of men, women and children are currently sleeping outdoors on the ground, eating only one meal a day and lacking access to drinking water.

“Ensuring the protection of civilians is the utmost priority in the area. It will encourage the return of people who have sought refuge in the bush and those who are currently staying in the hospital. It is a prerequisite to efficiently deliver life-saving assistance,” says Hervé Mbouri, Program Manager coordinating DRC’s emergency response.

DRC teams have been fully mobilized since the beginning of the crisis despite the difficult conditions as fighting continue and water and food supplies are running low. They have registered more than 10 000 persons for them to receive distributions of food and essential items. DRC is also ensuring transportation of drinking water to persons staying at the hospital and is providing psychosocial care as many persons are still under shock. DRC is able to deliver this critical support thanks to the support of OFDA, UNHCR and Danida.