NGOs react to UN Global Compact on Refugees

DRC and 14 other NGOs have published a joint reaction to the UN zero draft of the Global Compact on Refugees.


The Global Compact on Refugees is currently discussed among UN member states in Geneva. On 31st January, UNHCR issued a zero-draft to a text that is meant to improve how the international community responds to refugee crises in future. DRC and 14 other NGOs have made a joint reaction to the zero-draft text. While we welcome UNHCR’s efforts to draft a text suitable for States’ consensus, our reaction encourages States to be more ambitious, to set the bar higher. DRC and like-minded NGOs strongly believe that the international community have a mutual interest in a more inclusive and solutions-oriented approach to refugee displacement, and where the responsibility to protect refugees is carried more evenly among States.

The joint statement presents the organizations’ core expectations for the Compact as well as recommendations for the development of the Programme of Action, which are five-fold, namely that they lead to:

  1. equitable and predictable responsibility sharing;
  2. enhanced accountability;
  3. minimized protection gaps;
  4. expanded solutions; and
  5. improved participation of people of concern.

Furthermore, the statement urges UN member states to agree on a concrete Programme of Action that facilitates cooperation to deliver specific results and can lead to improved responsibility-sharing in refugee protection and solutions.

Read the full reaction here

List of signatories:

Action Against Hunger
CARE International
Danish Refugee Council
International Rescue Committee
Lutheran World Federation
Mercy Corps
Norwegian Refugee Council
Oxfam International
Refugees International
Refugee Solidarity Network
Save the Children
Settlement Services International