Recommendations for a more efficient and sustainable Dublin System

In a new position paper The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) outlines the way forward to a fairer and more sustainable Dublin System.


The present Dublin System is unable to effectively safeguard the fundamental rights of asylum seekers in Europe and to ensure fast and efficient access to a fair asylum procedure. Therefore the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) welcomes the upcoming reform of the Dublin Regulation.

DRC’s experience with the Dublin System is based on decades of providing legal advice to asylum seekers in Denmark and – in connection to this – of having assisted thousands of asylum seekers in their appeals against Dublin transfers.   

- We very much welcome the reform of the Dublin Regulation and there are several improvements in the proposed reform. But there are also several issues, which is of concern to us and which should be taken into consideration when the final reform will be negotiated, says head of Asylum for The Danish Refugee Council, Eva Singer.

DRC sums up its positions in this paper, which includes five key principles on which the Dublin System should be based. It also goes through the proposed amendments of the rapporteur from the European Parliament, MEP Cecilia Wikström, and highlights which proposals are welcomed by DRC and which are of concern.

The document is summed up by the following recommendations to a fairer and more sustainable Dublin System:

- to ensure that families are not separated from each other, taking into account the location of the asylum seekers’ close relatives or other meaningful links that the asylum seeker might have to a specific member state;

- to improve access to correct information and legal advice regarding the Dublin regulation;

- to ensure improved protection and reception conditions in the border countries;

- to ensure that the number of asylum seekers is more evenly shared through the allocation mechanism and

- to avoid the use of force and punitive measures, as they are expensive, inefficient and not proportionate to the cost in both human and economic resources.

Read the entire position paper here

For more information, contact legal advisor for DRC in Brussels, Cecilie Kofoed on [email protected] or 0032 48527 8801.