Recommendations on durable solutions

In collaboration with 3 other large INGOs, NRC, IRC and Save the Children, DRC has produced a set of recommendations to the Global Compact on Refugee’s Programme of Action. 10 recommendations that can help us to get from intentions to change in practice.


The Global Compact on Refugees is under development in the UN. Throughout 2017, DRC has engaged both at global, regional and country levels to make it a Compact that will bring about positive change in the lives of refugees and their host communities.

Our core ambition for the Global Compact on Refugees is that it becomes much more than a glossy document; that it will fulfill its potential to bring about an end to encampment, to facilitate inclusion of refugees in host communities to the benefit of both groups, and to ensure a much fairer distribution of responsibilities among States when it comes to sponsoring refugee protection and hosting refugees.

Read the recommendations here