Regarding article in The New Humanitarian about DR Congo

In relation to the article “Congo aid scam triggers sector-wide alarm” in The New Humanitarian (TNH), published on June 11, DRC would like to make the following clarification.


In November 2018, DRC was informed by Mercy Corps on the potential fraud scheme mentioned in the article, at the same time as other partners of the RRMP. DRC launched an internal investigation and the internal review found no irregularities related to the alleged fraud scheme based on a documentation review of DRC’s part of the project. Based on available information and investigations, there is nothing to indicate that DRC has been complicit in the fraud scheme described in the article.

DRC welcomes all investigations into potential fraud and is fully committed to transparency and we have a full section on our website which is committed to ensuring transparency (/about-drc/open-drc), and our global CoC report is posted on our website annually as part of our transparency efforts. We expect the 2019 CoC report to be uploaded soon, but it is already possible to check out the dashboard and see the different types of cases which have been reported so far, in 2019 and 2020, and from which countries (