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Saving lives in Aleppo must have the highest priority

The acute humanitarian crisis in Aleppo calls for urgent and coordinated efforts, says the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). Saving civilian lives must take precedence over political and military interests.


“The scenes we are witnessing in Aleppo call for immediate and coordinated action. All parties of the conflict must demonstrate humanity and respect for International Humanitarian Law”, says Mr. Andreas Kamm, Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council.

“The leaders of the world must concentrate on preventing human suffering and the loss of civilian lives. Strong political and military interests are at stake in Aleppo, but during these moments they must be put on hold for the sake of the people who acutely need our help”.

DRC calls for access for humanitarian organizations to evacuate civilians, distribute emergency aid and provide medical assistance to the wounded. And without the risk of being attacked by any side in the conflict.

Danish Refugee Council is one of the largest international humanitarian organizations working with the Syrian crisis. DRC has programs for Syrian refugees in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey - and is the largest international organization working inside Syria. Our nearly 1,000 employees in the Middle East assist thousands of Syrians fleeing the world's largest humanitarian crisis every month.

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