Statement from DRC Yemen

DRC is aware of pictures being circulated showing an armed man in Yemen wearing a vest with DRC visibility - he is however, NOT a DRC employee.


The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has looked into pictures being shared on social media, reportedly showing an armed man in Aden in Yemen wearing a vest with DRC visibility. Based on the information provided, we have been able to confirm that the pictures being circulated are not those of a DRC employee. In conflict-affected countries, we know that DRC is not immune to such issues and we take any kind of reporting seriously. We have mechanisms in place to address, detect and prevent any kind of staff misconduct.

DRC condemns the usage of its visibility materials for anything other than that of the organisation’s mission. Our visibility materials are intended for DRC staff and volunteers only to make them visible during implementation of humanitarian activities.

DRC reiterates its full commitment and support to the humanitarian principles and our full commitment to the safety and security of our beneficiaries and our employees. DRC is an impartial, neutral and independent organization and our team on the ground is working tirelessly to address the humanitarian needs of conflict-affected populations in Yemen to improve the living conditions of Yemeni people and help them lead safe and dignified lives.