© Jesper Guhle
© Jesper Guhle

Statement on Somaliland situation



DRC has been mentioned in a series of online news article this week in Somalia and Somaliland.    

During the last months of 2016 and up to the present, the DRC and DDG operations in Somaliland began the process to downsize due to reduced funding and the need to merge support functions. This downsizing led to tensions among staff and required difficult decisions to be taken. But DRC can confirm that no staff were dismissed or deported, though some staff positions were changed and some staff contracts were not renewed as a result of the smaller structure.

We are thankful for the support provided by the government of the Republic of Somaliland to resolve the challenges associated with the change process and that both the Ministry of Planning and the Ministry of Interior have expressed appreciation for the work of DRC and DDG over the years and their desire for our continued work in Somaliland.

DRC and DDG operates in Somaliland while guided by humanitarian principles and respect for the culture and customs in Somaliland.