Statement on the Yemen situation

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) continues the deliver assistance to affected communities despite security challenges and sustained access constraints.


The Danish Refugee Council is deeply concerned about the launch of Operation Golden Victory and the devastating effects that a military attack on Al Hudaydah could have on hundreds of thousands of civilians.

The reality is that the humanitarian situation in Yemen is extremely fragile and Al Hudaydah is one of the worst impacted cities in Yemen. Any damage to the water infrastructure in Hodeida could result in a cholera outbreak with the potential of affecting over 250,000 people.

Al Hudaydah and Saleef ports are the lifeline of Yemen. 70 percent of all humanitarian assistance and commercial food stocks for the country enter through the ports, therefore disruption in this pipeline of critical supplies could negatively impact efforts to prevent famine and affect as many as 100,000 children who acutely malnourished.

We welcome the efforts in promoting peace and dialogue in Yemen. It is our hope that the UN Envoy will be empowered to find solutions for Al Hudaydah port and to host peace talks that can bring an end to the conflict and end restrictions on humanitarian access.

DRC therefore calls upon all parties of the conflict to respect International Human Rights Law parties and do everything possible to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure and ensure they have access to the assistance they need to survive.

DRC’s interventions in Yemen are implemented through eight offices based in Abyan, Aden, Amran, Hajjah, Hodeidah, Kharaz, Sa’ada and Sana’a.

Protection assistance remains one of the core services to children, host community, IDPs, returnees, marginalised Yemenis and Mixed Migrants. In addition, our emergency and preparedness response includes emergency WASH Interventions, shelter and Non Food Items, multi-purpose cash Interventions, camp Management and camp coordination in IDPs-returnees’ locations.