Photo: Steen Brogaard

The annual donation from The Mary Foundation will help refugees in Jordan

The recent years of war in Syria and Iraq has led to the displacement of 14.5 million children, women and men. Most of them are seeking refuge in neighbouring countries. The 2016 annual donation from HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark’s foundation, The Mary Foundation,  of DKK 250,000 will be given to the long-term efforts to support the many refugees in Jordan, carried out by the Danish Refugee Council.


More than 600,000 refugees are registered in Jordan. Many of them are women and children and the fact that no one knows how long they will have to stay in the country requires long-term perspectives on relief work. In other words: there is a need to support the many refugees to have a dignified and safe life with room for progress and hope.

The donation from The Mary Foundation is given to two Community Centres in Jordan driven by the Danish Refugee Council. The centres serve as gathering points for refugees and locals; a safe haven for especially women and children. Among the activities in the centres are: psychosocial support, conflict management, training in reading, mathematics and rights as well as movie nights and sports activities. The intention is to support the integration, community and the individual.  

“The refugee crisis is one of the world’s biggest global challenges. The number of displaced people and the complexity associated with their situation means that the camps will have a more permanent character and that more refugees are resettled within local communities. The relief work has to adapt these conditions, and that have been achieved in the efforts made by the Danish Refugee Council. By letting the annual donation from The Mary Foundation go to the Danish Refugee Council’s community centres, we support the long-term solutions while we signal the support to and importance of the future for the many refugees – their dreams and hopes,” HRH Crown Princess Mary says.

Today, Jordan has received the second largest number of refugees in the world. This huge flow of refugees and the uncertainty about the duration of the conflicts has put the country under immense pressure. The relief work carried out by organisations like the Danish Refugee Council is therefore pivotal.

“We at the Danish Refugee Council are extremely happy about this donation. We are able to help a lot of people with this handsome sum. I am thankful that the Crown Princess so clearly shows her strong and personal dedication to the relief work for displaced people,” Secretary General of the Danish Refugee Council, Mr. Andreas Kamm, says.

The annual donation of The Mary Foundation will go to The Tarabot Centre and The Nuzha Centre in Amman, Jordan. The Mary Foundation is contributing alongside other actors and there is a need to pull together if the relief work is to succeed.