The Danish Refugee Council ranked as the world’s third best NGO

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is number three on this year’s list of the world’s best NGOs. The humanitarian organization has thereby moved up one position from last year’s list. The annual Top 500 has just been published by NGO Advisor. Number one on the list is the microcredit organization BRAC.


Accountability, trust, transparency and a constant presence in the world’s conflict zones – these are some of the main arguments placing the Danish Refugee Council at the top of the NGO Advisor Top 500 list of NGOs. The list features humanitarian and development organizations – and also organizations focusing on health and education.

”We are tremendously proud of and happy with this position. I see this as an appreciation of our more than 7,000 dedicated staff members who work daily in order to improve the conditions for displaced populations around the world. And not least, I see this as a recognition of the quality and efficiency in our work,” says DRC Secretary General, Christian Friis Bach.

It is the fifth consecutive year DRC is placed in the Top Five on the list – this year moving one step up compared to 2017.

”It is obviously difficult to rank NGOs and there are many who has a big impact. But our repeated position as one of the top ranking organizations is an indicator of our continued  and systematic focus on issues as transparency, responsibility and inclusion of both displaced persons and host communities. We are driven by the vision of a dignified life for all displaced, and hence we do not only look at the immediate needs, but also towards durable solutions,” says Christian Friis Bach.

Today more than 65 million people are refugees and displaced persons around the world. Many of the crises in the recent years have been in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, South Sudan, Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and on the Mediterranean. That has created an even bigger need for an organization working globally with all aspects of displacement. The Danish Refugee Council works in more than 35 different countries.

”Unfortunately we are needed as never before. I tend to say that the global number of displaced is an indicator of the state of the world, and in recent years it does not look well. Thus we have an obligation to the many people affected by conflicts and crises who have been forced to flee their homes. DRC works hard every day to assist as many as possible and in the best possible manner. It is this challenge which drives us to constantly be innovative, develop our programs and not least think and plan long term. NGO Advisor normally highlights that we are assisting displaced people in all phases of displacement,” Christian Friis Bach explains and gives an example:

“If an Afghan family has to flee their home due to conflict, we assist them inside Afghanistan. We stand ready to receive them if they flee to Iran, Pakistan or Turkey.  If they get to Libya, we are there and are also present in Greece, if they arrive there. In Denmark we advise during the asylum process, we teach them Danish, help them find employment and run homes for children arriving as unaccompanied minors. We also support Afghan refugees in Denmark who run smaller aid programs in Afghanistan. And we assist the Afghan refugees who wish to return home. We are there in every aspect of displacement.”   

The Danish Refugee Council was founded in Denmark in 1956, and has since grown to become an international humanitarian organization with more than 7,000 staff and 8,000 volunteers. DRC assists refugees and internally displaced persons around the globe: providing emergency aid, fighting for their rights, and strengthening their opportunity for a brighter future. Our vision is a dignified life for all displaced.

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