Knowledge sharing


This page aims to disseminate information and share knowledge about diaspora engagement in humanitarian and development fields, through showcasing various publications on the topic.

It also provides access to a vast body of resources for capacity building - such as workshop content, course materials, etc. All organizations interested in applying for funding through DiPS can here find all application formats, guidelines, and other relevant documentation.

Lastly, it sheds light on the knowledge-sharing networks that DRC Diaspora Programme is part of, e.g. the DiaGram network. 



Read latest reports and other works published by or in collaboration with DRC Diaspora Programme.

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Access capacity building resources e.g. course and workshop materials; as well as resources for DiPS funding applications e.g. forms and guidelines.

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Learn more about DiaGram - a network of organizations that support diaspora development and humanitarian engagement. DRC Diapora Programme is an active member.

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