The Diaspora Programme engages globally with a broad range of organisations and individuals and contributes to relevant studies and events. DRC work has facilitated a visible contribution of diasporas to the World Humanitarian Summit and has conributed to recommendations to the UN Global Compact on Refugees. DRC Diaspora Programme has fostered a growing interest and engagement with key actors, such as OCHA, IASC, IOM and UNHCR. We have come to represent a go-to programme that is widely recognized and whose knowledge and networks are solicited by a variety of actors at operational, policy and research level.

In line with above, the Diaspora Programme is one of the founders of DiaGram – a unique network of organisations across Europe: Comic Relief (UK), Danish Refugee Council (DK), Development Fund (NO); Forum Syd (SE), GIZ (DE) that support diaspora engagement in country of origin. Founded in 2014, DiaGram aims to link policy with practice and research with experience. In addition to an informal but targeted exchange of experience, DiaGram is a conduit for improved networking and coordination to improve overall cross-programmatic learning that can contribute to more informed and effective programming within the field of diaspora engagement.