What we do


The Diaspora Programme operates across multiple geographies and thematic areas:



Project Support

Co-financing and supporting diaspora-led relief and recovery activities in Somalia and Afghanistan. 


Humanitarian Coordination

Strengthening diaspora humanitarian response capacity and facilitating enhanced coordination in Syria, Somalia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and soon Afghanistan. 


DRC Programming

Supporting DRC field operations to promote effective and relevant diaspora-programming and engagement within durable solutions, mixed migration, and business engagement in Syria, Afghanistan, and Somalia. 



Capacity enhancement

Providing resources, information, technical support and training; and facilitating mentoring and peer learning. Find out more here. 


Networking and knowledge sharing

Developing and sharing evidence and knowledge on diaspora engagement and amplifying diaspora voices at local, national, and international level. Access the resources here.


Current initiatives:


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Diaspora Project Support (DiPS)

Via DiPS, the Diaspora Programme provides direct support to diaspora organizations. We co-finance relief activities in Somalia and Afghanistan led by diaspora organizations, provide technical support and offer trainings and workshops to support diasporas as agents of change.

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Somali Faces Water Distribution

Diaspora Emergency Action and Coordination (DEMAC)

DEMAC project aims to improve diaspora emergency response capacity and coordination with the humanitarian system, working specifically with Syrian, Somali, Nigerian, and Sierra Leonean diasporas in Europe. 

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 Capacity Building -EUAV

European Diaspora Volunteers (EUAV)

The European Diaspora Volunteers project will, from January 2018 until June 2019, deliver technical assistance to volunteer-based diaspora organizations involved in humanitarian assistance in Somalia, Syria, and Nigeria. 

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Durable Solutions

The Diaspora Programme supports Syrian and Afghan diasporas' active engagement in durable solutions for the displaced through capacity-enhancement, network and coordination, and research. 

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