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Diaspora actors make vital contributions to humanitarian assistance, recovery and development in their countries of origin, and often form a crucial part of communities’ resilience strategies and first response measures, with an ability to quickly mobilize assistance, channel information, and advocate in times of crisis. Recognising their role as an integral part of the international aid system, Danish Refugee Council’s Diaspora Programme has been engaging with diasporas to strengthen their role in order to improve the overall impact of relief, rehabilitation and development efforts.

Based on recognition of the potential added value of enhanced diaspora engagement, DRC initiated the Diaspora Programme in 2010. The Programme has grown continuously since then, with DRC receiving international recognition for its work and expertise within this field.

DRC recognized the relevance of engaging with diaspora at an early stage, ahead of currently growing trends, while also being one of very few if not the only organization that combines operational humanitarian expertise with diaspora programming. This combination puts DRC in a unique position to shape the agenda; to develop and implement innovative, operational approaches to it and follow them through with on-site technical support and monitoring.

The work of the Diaspora Programme supports Danish Refugee Council’s conviction that displaced people are a resource for both countries of origin and destination, and responds to a growing body of evidence calling for a more inclusive humanitarian system that integrates ‘non-traditional actors’ to enhance the effectiveness of the humanitarian response.