External Deployment Scheme

The DRC Stand-by Roster provides administrative and contractual services to UN organisations through the External deployment Scheme.

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Stand-by Roster External Deployment Scheme serves as an independent deployment scheme within the DRC Stand-by Roster. The purpose of the External Deployment Scheme mechanism is to support UN agencies in filling staffing gaps in UN emergency operations, ultimately contributing to strengthening their response to crisis situations.

Deployments through the External Deployment Scheme are entirely funded by the requesting UN partner, where the DRC Stand-By Roster as a service provider is responsible for managing all administrative and contractual aspects of the deployments.

Candidates for deployments are generally identified and put forward by the requesting UN agency and are often not members of any of the DRC Stand-by Rosters. Deployees under the External Deployment Scheme are entitled to the same terms and conditions as deployees on the Stand-by Member Roster; the same salary scale applies, terms of employment, insurance policy, and staff care entitlements. The only difference is that External Deployment Scheme deployees do not receive experience allowance and cannot participate in the development opportunities available for the DRC Stand-by Roster members.

The candidates deployed through the External Deployment Scheme are usually highly qualified experts from diverse geographical and professional backgrounds with previous UN experience. The DRC Stand-by Roster External Deployment Scheme deploys experts all over the world, with the majority of deployments going to the MENA region and Africa.

Deployees under the External Deployment Scheme do not automatically become members of the DRC Stand-by Member Roster. However, they can apply for membership when the recruitment is open and advertised on the page with vacancies.