Strategic Visions

The vision of the DRC Stand-by Roster is to be among the most preferred stand-by partners both to donors, the UN agencies and to the humanitarian specialists.

The aim of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Stand-by Roster is to strengthen the United Nations’ capacity to deliver a timely, effective, and accountable humanitarian response to the people in need. Since 1991, the DRC Stand-by Roster has successfully worked towards this objective and has achieved significant growth in terms of donor funding, number of the UN partners, as well as the number of rosters managed and their members. The DRC Stand-by Roster was the first of its kind to serve the UN, and now over 40 other rosters have joined. This development has increased the competition among rosters and the UN stand-by partners for strategic and high-profile requests. It has also resulted in a stronger competition for qualified members, hence the importance of specialization (intensified capacity in selected sectors) for each individual stand-by roster has increased.

With this in mind, the DRC Stand-by Roster’s strategic objective is to become a leading actor within human resource mobilization and capacity building.This is achieved by transcending the humanitarian-development divide by offering contextually relevant, compliant, and comprehensive responses in all stages of a crisis at the global, regional, and local level. The DRC Stand-by Roster not only continues to strengthen the capacity of the UN to meet the increasing number of humanitarian emergencies around the world, but also works to strengthen the strategic relationship between the DRC and UN partners through the stand-by arrangement, through the DRC country operations, as well as through the work of DRC specialists in various global clusters.

Operational Priorities

The DRC Stand-by Roster operates on the basis of DRC’s protection mandate and prioritises deployments that have the largest potential for protective outcomes for people in need. This means that every time the DRC Stand-by Roster deploys an expert to the UN agency to improve their response capacity, the ultimate aim is to increase the protection of people affected by conflicts and disasters. Profiles matching the core sectors of the DRC's own emergency response are furthermore prioritized i.e. shelter, food distribution, camp management, and logistics. The DRC Stand-by Roster also supports the global coordination by deploying members to cluster coordination positions both in the field and at head quarter level, and by strengthening the members’ capacities to engage in cluster coordination.

Operational Context

The DRC Stand-by Roster operates in a context of an increasing number of emergencies that are characterized by their growing complexity due to a multitude of actors, causes, interests, and implications. This trend affects humanitarian action and increases the demand for capacity and experience by those who implement responses. As a result, the demand for technical skills, specialisation, personal competencies and experience of stand-by deployees have increased dramatically over the past years, a trend which is expected to continue.

Attracting high-quality humanitarian specialists requires good human resource management and the DRC Stand-by Roster is focused on this. Our solid recruitment and capacity building investments assure we are able to match the requests from the UN partners. We are committed to serving the best staff care and our policies can viewed on the Staff Care Policies page.