Rights-based Approach


A rights-based approach (RBA) is commonly defined as:

‘…a conceptual framework…that is normative¬ly based on international human rights standards and operationally directed to promoting and protecting human rights…’ (OHCHR)

The adherence of the Danish Refugee Council to a right-based approach is underpinned by its vision and mandate for its international activities. The latter inter alia states:

”...Protection and promotion of durable solutions...., on the basis of humanitarian principles and human rights...”

”..To provide refugees, IDPs, displaced and other affected groups [conflict-affected people in short] ....with assistance according to their rights...”

DRC does this through:

  • Advocacy: speaking for the rights of conflict-affected people
  • Capacity-building: supporting that authorities and conflict-affected people have the capacity to secure, respectively enjoy, the rights of conflict-affected people
  • Substitution: providing assistance to conflict-affected people where their rights are not met