See available HEAT and Re-HEAT courses.

Disclaimer: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, DRC has made adjustments to its HEAT courses to prevent the spread of the virus. This means that there are fewer spaces available per course and that all participants are required to follow DRC’s COVID-19 restriction rules and safety risk management. There is also a risk that HEAT courses may be relocated or cancelled by DRC as the pandemic continues to unfold. Participants are responsible for knowing their travel restrictions and informing DRC if they are unable to attend a course due to changing circumstances in the pandemic. When a participant fails to attend a training, even because of Covid-19 restrictions, the risk is carried by the attendant and  DRC normal cancellation policy applies. Therefore please make timely assessment of your ability to attend the training and onward travel to your next destination.


HEAT       Sunday 30 August – Wednesday 02 September in Denmark

HEAT*     Monday 7 September – Thursday 10 September in Denmark

HEAT       Tuesday 20 October – Friday 23 October in Denmark



*Should there be insufficient numbers to warrant a second HEAT training, DRC Safety reserves the right to reschedule requests to an alternative date. Parties will be informed if this situation arises.