Towards a new life: Boosting refugees’ integration through language training


Daas Alkhatib speaks Arabic, English, Greek and understands Turkish. He is asked which language he would prefer to speak. “In Greek,” the young Syrian refugee replies, grinning with enthusiasm, “I prefer to speak Greek now that...


”These conflicts need to be proactively addressed” – continued peace building in the Karamoja region


In the Karamoja region in the Northeastern Uganda, the Danish Refugee Council and the Danish Demining Group have for many years assisted the locals in armed violence reduction and conflict solution. The locals have seen a large...

Afghan Iran

Helping Afghan refugees in Iran making an income


The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is establishing multi-service Community Centres for Afghan refugees in Iran. The community centres will support multiple long-term income generation options for vulnerable Afghans.

Boat -trip -Greece -small

Boat trip transforms painful memories for refugee youth in Greece


Many of the children and youth who have arrived in Greece as refugees have endured dangerous and traumatic experiences while crossing the sea. As part of our activities for refugee children, the Danish Refugee Council in Greece...

Greece - educating Afghan women

Afghan women take their first language lessons in Greece


DRC’s classes are changing the life of Afghan women in Schisto hosting site for refugees. English, Greek and Farsi classes help women catch up with time and dream big.


Transforming lives in Ethiopia


Fafan Administrative zone and Babile Woresa areas are the safe havens for internally displaced persons (IDP) fleeing conflict in the Ethiopian Somali region. Located just 8km from Babile town, Qolaji camp hosts Somali communiti...


Arriving at Nguenyyiel Refugee Camp


With more than 96,000 people, Nguenyyiel in Ethiopia is one of the camps for South Sudanese refugees fleeing civil war

Uganda -cash -distribution -Kayaka -II-2

Empowering vulnerable Congolese refugees in Uganda through cash


Kayaka II refugee settlement has seen a doubling in its population over the course of only a little over six months. Many have arrived from DR Congo and often with nothing else than the clothes they had on when they fled. We as...

North Diversity Story 3

Greek and refugee children hold hands to explore Cultural Diversity


In Greek mainland sites, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) organizes non-formal educational activities to introduce refugees to the local culture and strengthen their social skills towards an inclusive and safe environment.

Ugandawrd2 2

Standing with refugees through provision of shelter, water and livelihood services


In Uganda, the Danish Refugee Council stand with refugees together with the government and partners - on World Refugee Day as well as all other days of the year. Read the story here