A rehabilitated school gives hope in Syria

DRC has rehabilitated a school in Homs in Syria so returning students again can receive education. Read about Sana who returns to teach in the school she proudly graduated from.

As the conflict tore through Syria, Sana was hopeful that things would go back to normal, until the conflict hit her hometown in Homs and forced her and her family to flee to look for safety.

“When the conflict started, we were forced to flee to Hama, but on our way my elder brother was shot in the head, and that prevented us from completing our journey and we had to return to Homs,” Sana remembered.

The family suffered from a lot of problems during that time such as lack of a source of income, lack of food, and restriction of movement which prevented her younger twin sisters, Safa and Marwa, from going to school.

Safa -and -Marwah -(1)-web

When the conflict in Homs ended and life started to gradually return to normal, Sana insisted on completing her education and her twin sisters were able to go back to school. She is now very proud that she graduated from university and works as a teacher at Abd Alqader Tlas School, where her sisters study.

The school is now again nice and tidy

With the help of the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and with funding from the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), our shelter and infrastructure team in Homs were able to provide assistance by rehabilitating the school and providing the required equipment from windows, doors, bathrooms, water outlets, boards, fans, diesel heaters, wastebaskets, white board markers, first aid kits and fire extinguisher.

“I like the school so much now, I like the colors and whiteboards, everything is nice and tidy here and the presence of my sister here as a teacher makes me feel proud. She supports me and helps me with my homework,” said Marwa.

“I was a student in this school. I have a lot of memories here. I was very sad when I saw it after the conflict. When I was passing by, I always looked at the school, and I was saddened by what it had become. I was very hopeful that the school would be restored to how it once was, but frankly I didn’t expect such great a result,” concluded Sana.