47- year old Nayla explaining that "every woman is capable of achieving something valuable"

"Because you are important, you must speak"

On International Women’s Day, March 8, Jordanian and Syrian women speak about their achievements


Women play important roles and are the reason behind the development and progress in their communities, especially in displacement, said a group of Jordanian and Syrian women on International Women’s Day, March 8 during an event held by the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) in Jordan.

Under the slogan “Because you are important, you must speak”, 73 Syrian and Jordanian women at DRC’s community centre ‘Sanad’ in Karak governorate celebrated Women’s Day through activities and a discussion about their strengths, achievements, inspiring stories, and the changes they made to their lives and communities.

Similar to the more that 650,000 Syrians who fled their country, Ghada is a refugee woman who came to Jordan four years ago and was a participant at DRC’s event. Despite challenges, the 48-year-old woman continued to work on changing her life.

“I am proud of Syria’s women who, despite the challenges of leaving their country, are still able to provide love and care for their children and families”, she says.

The mother of three participated in the cooking classes and psycho-social activities at DRC’s centre in Karak.

“I am glad this centre is available to us Syrians as it has given me the courage to keep working on bettering my life in Jordan”.

The ‘Sanad’ centre, one of  five community centre’s run by DRC in Karak, Ma’an and Amman cities in Jordan, aims to provide much needed protection and livelihood services to both refugees and host communities with the overarching aim of improving social cohesion between the two communities. The centre provides activities and trainings including life-skills, conflict management, communication, business, English language and computer skills courses. In addition, the centre offers beneficiaries a chance to learn sewing, handicrafts and cooking.

Having attended the management skills trainings at ‘Sanad’, Nayla, a Jordanian participant at the event, added more to her 28 years of community support and is aiming to attend more classes and trainings to give more to her community.

“Every woman is capable of achieving something valuable. This is why I want to encourage all women to educate themselves, not necessarily through schools, but through trainings and reading”, says Nayla. The 47-year-old is an active member in her local community and a supervisor at an association which provides community support in Karak.

Through its centres, DRC Jordan was able to provide home business grants to 127 individuals, both Syrian and Jordanian – in Ma’an and Karak in 2016. The centres also offer a safe space for Syrian and Jordanian children, youth and individuals to socialise, share stories, and learn.

“In today’s difficult times and crises in the Middle East, women are facing many changes and challenges and I want to congratulate all women who insist to do more despite their situations” added Ghada, hoping she can give more to her local community and support Syrian refugee women around her.