Doctor comes to the youth centre every day to hang out with his his friends and practice his music. Photo: Klaus Bo / Danish Refugee Council

Doctor wants to be a rapper

21 year old Doctor Stephen Nyang has found new faith in his future after the Danish Refugee Council opened a youth centre in the Kakuma Refugee Camp in northern Kenya. He comes here every day to practice his passion: music.


It is not hard to guess what Doctor Stephen Nyang’s mother wishes for her son’s career. The young man smiles – slightly embarrassed by the question. No, it is not the first time that he has been asked that question, the polite young man says.

When asked about his own dreams, he cheers up.

“I’ve got a talent for music. I’m a rapper, songwriter, singer and artist.”

Doctor lives in Kakuma IV, which is one of the four sectors which the huge Kenyan camp is divided into. He fled his homeland, South Sudan, in 2014 and has been here since. He was in the capitol, Juba, when the conflict reignited and he was forced to flee. He was far away from his hometown and family, and to this day he still does not know what has happened to his mother and younger siblings, or if they are still alive.

Youth centre has been a gift

In the camp, he lives in a small house with a group of other young men who have all come to the camp by themselves. And life in Kakuma is not easy, Doctor stresses.

“It’s hard to make the food rations, which we are given, last the whole month. And it’s difficult to earn even ten shillings to buy an onion,” he says.


But he lights up once again as the conversation turns back to music. The youth centre has been a gift to youngsters in the area, he says.

“Before the centre, there was nothing to do here in Kakuma IV so we had to go all the way to Kakuma III if we wanted to do something. It’s a very long way by foot and it’s hard to get the money for transportation.”

“We are really thankful that the centre has opened now. I’m here almost every day to practice my rap music with my friends. It gives us something to do and I hope to make a living out of it one day,” he says.

Watch Doctor rap about his life in the refugee camp: