From vulnerable to empowered

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is implementing training sessions teaching self-defense to young Syrian refugee girls and local Lebanese girls affected by war and exposed to harassment.

When you have lived through the terrors of war and fled your home, felt the insecurity provoked by sexual harassment and experienced the daily struggle of a modest life in poverty then it is a gift to know that you are physically and mentally prepared to handle future challenges – that your body and mind are synchronized in a preparedness to protect yourself.

That exact feeling has been achieved by 40 young girls through self-defense training offered by DRC in Tripoli Lebanon. The training has a positive influence in the daily life’s of the young girls – it increases their confidence, it provides a feeling of self-confidence and mental balance and it increases the awareness of the potential dangers of the streets.

The idea of involving professional trainers in the practical and mental training of the young girls is originates from DRC’s broader efforts to protect women and their rights.

The young girls are very open when they address the problems they face and engage with enthusiasm during the training-sessions. The atmosphere is actually so positive that many of the mothers accompanying their children often asks to participate.

Danish Refugee Council supports poor and vulnerable Syrian and Lebanese communities across Lebanon.