Helping Afghan refugees in Iran making an income

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is establishing multi-service Community Centres for Afghan refugees in Iran. The community centres will support multiple long-term income generation options for vulnerable Afghans.


To help Afghan refugees to take a more active role in the Iranian market economy, DRC will provide a central location for Afghans to access support for business start-up and expansion. The centres will provide income generation workshops, and they will provide opportunities for technical and vocational training which will help Afghans to find and maintain employment.

Additionally, DRC will establish Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) in the centres to provide a protective environment in which children can play and parents can learn more about services available for children and rights of children. Establishing the CFS in the multi-service hub locations will support improved access by all Afghans who attend the centres and will provide much needed child care options for women who participate in income-generation activities at the centres.

Displacement and migration are commonplace among Afghan households over the last 35 years, with movement a common - but extreme - coping mechanism used to overcome conflict, vulnerability and poor living conditions. Iran, a close neighbour to Afghanistan, hosts around 3.6 million Afghan refugees. For these people, for whom high expenditure, high debt burden and volatile income generate particularly acute vulnerabilities, livelihoods and income generation options are a critical need. Afghans face key vulnerabilities and protection risks, and often experience challenges in accessing rights, protection and essential services.

The community centres are expected to support over 1,000 Afghan refugees directly, and up to 5,000 indirectly per year through the multiple activities that will be delivered.