Seeking education after fleeing political instability in Eritrea

Solomon is a 24-year-old refugee from Senafe, Eritrea. At the age of 18, he fled Eritrea’s political instability and authoritarian regime to seek refuge in Ethiopia, together with three of his friends. Their journey took them to Tigray, where Solomon now resides.

Back in Eritrea, Solomon was a successful student. He graduated from the Eritrean Information Technology College before joining the Asmara College of Health Science. He strongly believed that “refugees can make a difference through learning” and sought to pursue his education in Ethiopia. Now a fourth-year pharmacy student at Aksum University, he is one of the 120 Eritrean refugee students currently attending higher education programmes in four universities of Ethiopia, and is also supported by DRC with non-food items.

Salomon, Ethiopia

Solomon is happy with the quality of his education, but also particularly appreciates the interactions with students from different backgrounds. As a result, he no longer thinks about illegal migration to other countries and wants to focus on his grades.

“I have totally changed my attitude to focus only on my education, there is no question of peace and security as the place is very stable” -  says Solomon. 

Solomon wants to give back by supporting the education of Eritrean refugee girls, and the refugee community in general by working with local authorities and humanitarian partners. He is also supporting community awareness on COVID-19 and mobilising resources for personal protection equipment. His long-term plan is to enroll in a PhD programme before returning to Eritrea and work in the health sector.