"We now have clean water every day"

DRC is assisting displaced Syrians struggling with accessing clean water. Read the story of Fardous, who is a grandmother from Homs in Syria.

Fardous is a Syrian mother of six and the grandmother of five. Similar to the 6.2 million internally displaced Syrians, she escaped her hometown in Syria in search for safety and was displaced multiple times ending at Al-Rukban Camp where she lost one of her sons to a heart attack.

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The mother wanted a decent life for her children in the camp and was determined to do something to provide them with what they needed. Stuck at Al-Rukban, she decided to return to their original city in the hope of rebuilding their life there, only to find that their house was completely ruined with nowhere for them to settle so they had to rent a house in the same neighbourhood. Although they were paying money for the rented house, they suffered from lack of water and electricity.

“Electricity can be obtained through batteries but water is essential so my family can maintain their personal hygiene. We can get it only by buying it or borrowing from neighbours who own a private well to irrigate their crops,” said Fardous.

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Clean water network makes a difference

With help from the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and with funding from the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO), our shelter and infrastructure team in Homs were able to provide assistance through the maintenance of a clean water network.

“We now have water every day, it’s clean and we don’t need to buy it, borrow it or use a water pump,” said Fardous with a smile.