DRC reaction to deadly earthquake in Afghanistan

A devastating and deadly earthquake has hit Afghanistan. It is feared to be the worst the country has seen in decades and to have cost the lives of hundreds.

As one of the first responders, DRC is on the ground in Paktika Province providing assistance to the many hundreds of people affected. DRC has deployed several quick response teams and ambulances including paramedics to assist with first aid and transfer of patients to hospitals. 

DRC Secretary General, Charlotte Slente, says: 

“It is heartbreaking that the Afghan population who is already suffering from one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises is affected by a catastrophe of this magnitude. We’re working tirelessly to assist the massive number of people whose lives have been destroyed overnight and who will need our continued support for months and years to come.” 

DRC will respond with multi-purpose cash assistance covering families whose shelters have been destroyed and have lost immediate family members. Further, DRC will coordinate with other partners that will be responding with emergency hygiene kits, emergency shelter, and non-food items.