Danish Refugee Council is a private humanitarian organisation, founded in 1956.

Danish Refugee Council is an umbrella organisation, including member organisations and volunteer groups. National or humanitarian organisations are eligible for the Danish Refugee Council. However, all member organisations must be non-political.

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The Council

The Council is the Danish Refugee Council’s  highest authority. The Council includes the following:

  • Up to three representatives from each member organisation
  • Six representatives from volunteer groups and councelling entities cooperating with the Danish Refugee Council
  • The Danish Refugee Council’s Council

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has the overall responsibility for the overall management of the Danish Refugee Council. The Chair of the Executive Commitee is appointed by the Council.

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The General Secretariat and the Executive Management Team

The executive management team of the Danish Refugee Council and the Secretary General are responsible for running the daily business. The Secretary General is appointed by the Executive Committee.

DRC's Secreteray General

Charlotteslente Pressphoto1

Charlotte Slente

Secretary General

[email protected]

Directors at DRC HQ

Annemettebarford DRC 032

Anne Mette Barfod

Director of Global Finance

[email protected]
Madssørensen DRC 090

Mads Egeskov Sørensen

Director of Global Human Resource

[email protected]
Rikke Friis

Rikke Friis

International Director

[email protected]
Eva Singer Pressphoto

Eva Singer

Director of Asylumn and Repatriation

[email protected]
Annettespanggaard DRC 131

Annette Spanggaard

Director of Global Communication and Fundraising

[email protected]
Lone Tinor Centi Pressphoto

Lone Tinor-Centi

Director of Integration

[email protected]