Offers to you who are a refugee or have an ethnic minority background

At DRC Danish Refugee Council, you who have a refugee or ethnic minority background can get support through our large voluntary network.

You may get help with the following:


  • Practicing Danish
  • Homework and exam preparation
  • Legal advice 
  • Job hunt
  • Applying for an education programme
  • Being affiliated with a network family or person
  • Applying for grants for your children's leisure activities
  • Support in everyday life with e-Boks, MitID, and other challenges.

All our offers are run by volunteers, and therefore there is a difference in what help and support is available in different areas.

What is a volunteer?

Volunteers are people who want to support you and your family with your life here in Denmark. A volunteer does not work for the municipality or other authorities and does not receive a salary.

A volunteer can support you who have just come to Denmark and you who have been in Denmark for several years. The volunteer has a duty of confidentiality, and you can therefore talk about private matters.

What support  is available close to you?

We have a lot of volunteers all over Denmark who can help you with different things. Call or write to our staff to hear what help and support is close to you.

It could be practicing Danish or getting homework help for you and your children. You can also get support and good advice for applying for a job, writing a CV, applying for an education, understanding e-Box, getting MitID and much more.

In many places there are also fun activities for you and your family such as excursions, communal dining or play. You can also always stop by for a chat with the volunteers.

Find an activity close to where you live by calling one of our staff in your area.

Call or write to one of our staff in your area

Northern Jutland:
Ann-Sofie Quist, +45 26 76 64 59, [email protected]

Central Denmark Region:
Cecilie Broundal, +45 60 26 81 26, [email protected]

Southern Denmark:
Else Tersgov, +45 22 22 81 65, [email protected]

Zealand and Bornholm:
Kristine Bjerre, +45 23 61 99 61, [email protected]

The Capital Region of Denmark:
Anne Cathrine Lausten, +45 20 42 21 15, [email protected]


Are you going to talk to the authorities?

You can bring a volunteer assistant to the conversation with the authorities. This can be, for example, with the municipality, the Agency of Family Law, the Danish Immigration Service or the health service.

A volunteer assistant meets with you before the interview and also takes you to the interview. The volunteer assistant helps you understand your situation, listens and hears what is being said during the conversation and can help you ask questions.

After the interview, the volunteer assistant will help you figure out what to do next.

Read more about the corps of volunteer assistants.

How to get a volunteer assistant

The whole country:  Ring +45 60 26 80 02 eller skriv til [email protected].


Du you need advice?

In the Volunteer Counseling you can get advice on e.g. residence permit, integration program, finances, housing problems and family relationships.

You can also get help to understand letters and decisions from public authorities, get guidance on the possibility of complaining and get an explanation of the authorities' handling of your case.

You can always contact us with questions. If we can not answer, we will help you find out who can.

Read more about Volunteer Counselling.

Here you can get advice

Northern Jutland: Anders Pedersen, +45 28 35 19 71, [email protected]

Zealand:  Camilla Michaëlis, +45 52 19 95 42, [email protected]

Southern Denmark and Central Denmark Region: Stine Kehlet Andersen, +45 28 10 00 61, [email protected]


Do you need financial support for your children's leisure activities?

At The Leisure Pool you as a parent can apply for DKK 1,000 a year in financial support so that your children aged 0-17 can go to association and leisure activities. It can, for example, be football, scouts, visual arts, swimming or music.

It is a requirement that you or the other parent is a student or without work and therefore receives SU, self-support and travel allowance, unemployment benefits, cash benefits or early retirement pension. The Leisure Pool also supports if the child is an unaccompanied refugee.

How to apply for support for leisure activities

You can apply for the Leisure Pool here.

If you have questions about how to apply, contact the Leisure Pool at +45 26 11 06 22 eller [email protected].


Do you need homework help online?

On our Facebook page you can get homework help from home. You can get homework help for your children in primary school. You can also get help with homework if you go to high school, language school or a higher education.

Read more about homework help online.

How you get homework help online

Become a member of our Facebook group  DRC Lektiehjælp online.

When you are a member of the Facebook group, you create a Facebook post where you write what you would like help with.

If you have questions about Online Homework Help, you can contact Project Manager Michelle Toft at +45 41 28 29 14  or [email protected].


Do you need to practice Danish online?

On our Facebook page, you can get a volunteer language trainer who will help you become better at speaking Danish.

Read more about homework help online.

How to practice Danish online

Become a member of our Facebook group DRC Sproghjælp Online.

When you are a member, we will find a volunteer who will practice Danish with you.

If you have questions about Online Language Help, you can contact Project Manager Michelle Toft at +45 41 28 29 14 or [email protected]


Is there anything else you need help with? 

Write a message and we will contact you as soon as possible.