Protecting Rights at Borders (PRAB)

Throughout 2021 DRC and six protection and legal aid civil society organizations from six European countries have joined forces in the Protecting Rights at Borders (PRAB) initiative.

The PRAB initiative focusses on human rights violations at the EU’s external and internal borders - particularly the illegal practice of pushbacks. Through harmonized data collection methods and building upon the extensive experience and ongoing evidence-based work of different partners, the PRAB initiative aims to:

  • Document and collect testimonies of these well-established and systematic rights violations.
  • Trigger and support legal action, when relevant and feasible.
  • Highlight accountability issues, as well as the need for Independent Border Monitoring mechanisms.

The reports bring together:

  • Data on pushbacks, as well as rights violation during these illegal practices, for a multitude of borders at the EU’s internal and external frontiers.
  • An overview of increasing protection concerns and a lack of legal pathways.
  • Updates on legal venues and relevant jurisprudence.
  • Policy recommendations, as good faith is not enough to ensure that border management is human rights compliant.

Pushbacks at EU’s Borders

Pushbacks are expulsions without legal justification and procedure, usually employed by border police, law enforcement officials or other authorities. It is being used to push foreigners such as migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers from a state’s territory to the territory of another state without regard for the individual’s circumstances and right to seek asylum.

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