The European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN) is an EU-funded program that offers socio-economic reintegration support to rejected asylum seekers who return voluntarily - back to their home country.

It is possible to apply for ERRIN reintegration assistance if the applicant comes from one of the following countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, India, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia and Sri Lanka.

The purpose of the ERRIN reintegration assistance is to provide assistance in the form of information and counselling as well as social and in-kind reintegration assistance to asylum seekers returning to their home country. The local partner organizations in the home country have the task of supporting the returnee's opportunities to reintegrate and build a life again after the return.

When a rejected asylum seeker from Denmark returns to his or her home country under an ERRIN reintegration program, the funding comes from the Danish authorities, but it is local partner organizations in the countries in question that carry out the specific task.

The network is implemented by the partner countries Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Romania, Switzerland, Serbia, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and Austria.

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