About reintegration support

Reintegration support can help the rejected asylum seeker to re-establish his/her life in the home country after return.

To receive reintegration support, it is crucial that the rejected asylum seeker cooperates with the Danish authorities about return.

Program content

All reintegration programs, except the Somalia program, offer in-kind support up to 20.000 DKK (per person). There is no cash support in the programs except for the cash amount a person may receive according to the Aliens Act §43a. The in-kind support can be spent according to the person’s individual needs, including on airport pick up, temporary accommodation, vocational training, set up of small businesses, medicine, etc.

In the Somalia program, there is both in-kind and cash support available.

For available reintegration support in specific countries, please click here and/or contact a counsellor at DRC for more information.

Background information

The reintegration support comes from the Danish authorities, but it is local partner organizations who support with the specific reintegration activities upon return.

For some of the countries on the list, it is possible to apply for reintegration support although an active cooperation agreement is not yet established. A longer case processing time must therefore be expected for these countries.

Staff at DRC can help examine whether an applicant meets the criteria for receiving reintegration support. Even if you meet the criteria, you cannot count on an active and/or available reintegration program for the country in question.

Contact a counsellor at DRC for more information.

For more information about reintegration support, contact



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