Assisted voluntary return and reintegration (AVRR)

In collaboration with the Center against Human Trafficking (CMM), DRC Danish Refugee Council offers assisted voluntary return and reintegration. Assisted voluntary return and reintegration is targeted at individuals who have been assessed trafficked, as well as unaccompanied minors who wish to return home voluntarily.

Where CMM is responsible for counselling victims of human trafficking about their opportunities, DRC Danish Refugee Council via the ERSO network is responsible for the cooperation with local reintegration partners, including identifying and capacity-building new partners.

The assisted voluntary return and reintegration is a tailor-made reintegration process that involves both activities in Denmark (counseling, psychological, legal and social assistance as well as medical care) and assistance on and after arrival in the recipient country. Both a cash amount divided over 6 months and in-kind support for reintegration activities are offered.

In order to be covered by the program, it is a requirement that the person in question actively participates in his or her departure.

Center against Human Trafficking (CMM) can be contacted here: [email protected]

For more information about AVRR, contact



+45 3373 5000 [email protected]