Criteria for reintegration support

Applicants wishing to be covered by a reintegration program must cooperate to the return planning and must not have an ongoing residence permit case with the authorities.

This means that an asylum seeker who has been refused asylum permanently and who wishes to travel voluntarily to his or her home country will, as a starting point, be covered by the target group for reintegration support. Persons who have their residence permit revoked pursuant to sections 7-8 of the Aliens Act or do not have it extended, will in principle also be covered by the target group. In addition, asylum seekers who are in phase 2, where the asylum case has been considered in Denmark, may drop their application for asylum and be covered by the scheme.

It is the Danish Return Agency's assessment of the person's own participation in the return planning that is decisive for whether the person can receive reintegration support.

It is also a requirement that the person in question has not been convicted of a serious crime. The nature of the crime is considered in the decision to award the reintegration support, so that more serious crimes such as crimes against state security, terrorism and dangerous crime exclude a person from receiving support.

The following persons are excluded from reintegration support, even if they cooperate on return:

  • Persons who have received repatriation support under the Repatriation Act
  • Persons who have previously left Denmark via a reintegration program to promote voluntary departure to their home country, and have subsequently re-entered Denmark as an asylum seeker
  • Persons being treated according to the manifestly unfounded urgency procedure
  • Persons who have been excluded from obtaining a residence permit pursuant to section 10 of the Aliens Act (persons on tolerated residence)
  • Persons to whom there is a reasonable suspicion that entry has taken place solely for the purpose of obtaining reintegration support
  • Persons who have not been registered as asylum seekers in Denmark, but who must be rejected, transferred or returned to another country in accordance with the rules in Chapter 5a of the Aliens Act (Dublin Regulation)
  • Persons who are citizens of countries from which you do not need a visa to travel into Denmark

It is the Danish authorities who decide whether an applicant meets the conditions for receiving reintegration support.

Get help from DRC's counsellors

Our counsellors can help investigate whether an applicant meets the criteria for receiving reintegration support. Even if you meet the criteria, you cannot count on an active and/or available reintegration program for the country in question. It can affect case processing time.

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