What is the role of DRC Danish Refugee Council?

DRC Danish Refugee Council is a private, humanitarian organization that works independently of the Danish authorities. DRC Danish Refugee Council's activities seek to protect people who have had to flee from their homes, and to promote long-term solutions for them – both in Denmark and internationally.

DRC Danish Refugee Council has country offices in 40 countries. International activities include emergency relief, the running of refugee camps and the provision of free legal assistance. 

DRC Danish Refugee Council's asylum department
The DRC Danish Refugee Council's asylum department provides asylum seekers and refugees in Denmark with free, independent legal advice. 

In addition, DRC Danish Refugee Council's asylum department participates in the manifestly unfounded procedure, provides legal aid in connection with appeals against decisions to transfer applicants to other EU countries (under the Dublin and rejection procedures), prepares reports and notes on e.g. the countries from which the asylum seekers have fled, participates in quota refugee selection trips, writes consultation responses to new parliamentary bills and advises refugees and other persons with a residence permit in Denmark who wish to voluntarily return to their home country (repatriation). 

DRC Danish Refugee Council's voluntary counselling 
DRC Danish Refugee Council's voluntary counselling can help refugees and other foreigners with a residence permit in Denmark to find answers to questions that are not about asylum. Topics include family reunification, the Integration Act, the Act on Active Social Policy and other legal, psychological or social matters. 

The volunteer counselling staff includes social workers, lawyers and psychologists, all of whom work on a voluntary basis. The staff have a duty of confidentiality. 

Read more about DRC's volunteer counselling and the volunteer department's other offers here: (document in English)