What is the role of the Danish Immigration Service?

<p>The Danish Immigration Service is an authority under the Ministry of Immigration and Integration. The Danish Immigration Service makes decisions in the first instance in many matters relating to the Danish Aliens Act, for example in cases regarding asylum, family reunification or other forms of residence permit.</p>

In addition, the Danish Immigration Service is responsible for registering new asylum seekers and recording biometrics (facial photos and fingerprints). 

The Danish Immigration Service also has the overall responsibility for setting up and operating asylum centers, including deciding in which asylum center an asylum seeker must reside while the authorities process the asylum case. 

When an applicant successfully obtains a residence permit as a refugee in Denmark, it is also the Danish Immigration Service that decides in which municipality they will have to liveafter the grant of asylum. 

The Danish Immigration Service's website can be visited here (the site is in English):