What is the role of the municipalities?

The municipalities are responsible for helping refugees who have been granted a residence permit in Denmark to start their new lives and to help integrate them into the Danish society. The municipalities organize introductory programs and are responsible for allocating accommodation to refugees when they are transferred to the municipality.

In addition, there are several municipalities that are responsible for the operation of asylum centers along the same lines as the Danish Red Cross. The centers are spread all over Denmark, and asylum seekers are usually accommodated at the centers while their case is being processed. 

Municipalities are also responsible for the well-being of children. This means that the individual municipality is responsible for the well-being of any children who are accommodated in an asylum center located in the municipality. 

The municipality has an obligation to act if a child is not thriving, and to provide help. This applies both to children who have sought asylum with their families and to unaccompanied minor asylum seekers.