What is a humanitarian residence permit?

<p><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW39224395 BCX0">A<span> </span>person who is<span> very seriously ill, either physically or mentally, and </span>who cannot<span> receive treatment in </span>their<span> home country, may have the opportunity to obtain a humanitarian residence permit in Denmark</span>,<span> if refused asylum.</span></span> </p>

For women from Afghanistan without any kind of male network, there is a special option to obtain a humanitarian residence permit. 

It is only possible to apply for a humanitarian residence permit for applicants registered as asylum seekers in Denmark. Applications for humanitarian residence permits pursuant to Article 9B of the Danish Aliens Act are processed by the Ministry of Immigration and Integration Affairs. 

The residence permit is temporary, and very few people in fact receive a humanitarian residence permit in Denmark.