Can the Refugee Appeals Board be asked to reconsider the asylum case?

<p><span class="NormalTextRun SCXW123467553 BCX0">If an applicant receives new and important information relating to their asylum case after they have been rejected by the Refugee Appeals Board, they can apply to the Refugee Appeals Board to have their asylum case reopened.</span> </p>

The information may, for example, be about changed personal circumstances or changes in the situation in the home country. In addition, the applicant can of course apply to have the case reopened if the practice of the Refugee Appeals Board in similar cases has changed. 

DRC Danish Refugee Council's legal advisers can help assess whether there are grounds for seeking a case reopened. We follow developments in the Refugee Appeals Board's practice and in the situation in many of the countries from which asylum seekers come. 

An application for reopening an asylum case does not automatically give the right to stay in Denmark. Unless the Refugee Board decides that a rejected asylum seeker must be allowed to stay in Denmark while the reopened case is being processed, the applicant will remain subject to deportation. The Danish Return Agency will therefore continue to arrange the return to the home country. 

Even if there is an application for reopening an asylum case, it is not certain that the Refugee Appeals Board will reopen the case. It is also not certain that the Refugee Appeals Board will change the decision in a case, even if they do reopen it.